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VEDIT quickly edits, translates and sorts any text, data, binary (hex) or EBCDIC file; even 100+ Gigabytes!

VEDIT is Ideal for All Editing:
  • Perfect for programming
  • Fast, easy editing of any Windows, DOS, UNIX or Mac text files
  • ASCII, EBCDIC, binary (hex) files
  • Translating, converting, clean-up (C-like macro language)
  • Flexible, multi-key sorting
  • Automation - the #1 VEDIT feature for many customers
Quickly edit huge, tricky files:
  • Database, log, mainframe files
  • Binary, control & graphics chars
  • Fast, flexible, multi-key sorting
  • Regular VEDIT: up to 2 Gigabytes
    VEDIT Pro64: unlimited size!
  • Lines with 100,000+ columns
Mainframe to PC conversion:
  • EBCDIC/ASCII conversion
  • Support packed, binary fields, etc.
  • Variable and fixed-length records
  • Use COBOL "copy-books"
  • Convert the toughest files
  • Optional contract services - "turnkey" solutions available - 3480/3490e tape conversion
What's New
  • Here is the newsletter that will be sent out soon to registered customers:
    VEDIT Newsletter for version 6.21
  • New VEDIT 6.21 released on Aug. 5, 2011 - We are updating the website now.
  • VEDIT 6.15 added flexible "Flat to CSV" conversion, "Sort lines & remove dupes" function, "Open with VEDIT" in Explorer right-click menu.
  • Order VEDIT on-line for only $79, download and start using the full product immediately!
  • 31 years of VEDIT - old ads and a summary of years 1980 - 2000. Details
  • EBCDIC conversion - convert COBOL data files into ASCII or .DBF files. Details
  • SpamStopsHere - Spam blocker, eliminates spam at the gateway with industry leading accuracy
  • Update from 6.0/6.1 to 6.2 for only $29.
  • Update from any old version to 6.2 for only $59.
  • Order on-line VEDIT 6.2 download for only $79. (Save $10).

Please Contact Us With Any Sales or Technical Questions:

Greenview Data, Inc.
8178 Jackson Road
Suite A
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA


Telephone (Sales): In US and Canada call Toll-Free 1.800.458.3348

International: 734.426.7500

Fax: 734.426.7510